Introducing a new ‘Street Food’ series

Posted by Ted on Apr 26, 2011 in Street Food
It was on the corner of 2nd and Howard when it happened. Today was like any workday in SoMa, and truly beautiful weather inspired a long lunchtime walk. On my way back to the lab, hungry, I happened to see a white trailer selling crepes. My resolve buckled at the thought of a Cheese, Smoked Turkey, and Egg crepe. While I waited, I mused about how much I love street food. Whether a beach hut in Costa Rica, a streetside noodle cart in Penang, a...

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Street Food: Tacos Alonzo, Oakland, CA

Posted by Ted on May 7, 2011 in Street Food
It had to be the first. My favorite. The second closest taco truck to home, but closest to my heart. Their crispy carnitas tacos are perfect. To be honest, the only other variety I have tried is the asada, and while good, their true genius is in the pork. You see, tacos are a nigh-perfect food. A bit of carbs represented by the small corn tortillas, a bit of protein in the tasty meat, and a bit of vegetables, all for $1.25. Cheaper than...

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A plethora of food in Penang

Posted by Ted on Feb 25, 2011 in Travel, Vagabonding
Up on the earlier side to go to dim sum again, and was much busier. We sat in the street with Penny, and talked about Bali’s attitudes towards women. We got the egg custards today, and they were the best we’ve ever had. Went back to the 75, where we called into DYC’s house warming party. We were two heads on a wall in Berkeley, a video call from 16 hours in the future. This was the beginning of my journal entry from Oct....

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Looking forward

Posted by Ted on Dec 11, 2010 in Travel, Vagabonding
...Liz Manicatide Wow, trip envy! That all sounds fabulous- I miss the street food! Does the green bus still serve iced Fanta and show movies?...



Saying goodbye to Chiang Mai

Posted by Ted on Dec 16, 2010 in Travel, Vagabonding
Mid-afternoon on November 13th, we arrived in Chiang Mai intending to stay for just a week, ostensibly so that Liz could take a massage class and we could be in town for the Loi Krathong festival. In fact, we had already purchased train tickets to Bangkok for the 22nd and plane tickets to Hanoi for the 23rd with plans to explore Vietnam. Five weeks later, we are still here, having received a 50% refund for the train tickets, and our airline...

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