Morocco, Day 5

Posted by Ted on Oct 31, 2007 in Travel

…, they were actually quite comfortable. The worst part was after getting on and before getting off, when the camels would stand up or sit down, pitching us forward or backward. We then began our desert trek, led by our guide Abrahim. The first part of the journey was through the lush palmerie, the area near the road and where the resorts were built. Next we passed into rolling dunes, scattered with desert shrubs and exposed rock. Abrahim poin…

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Photo Friday: Off into the desert

Posted by Ted on Jun 17, 2011 in Photography

…sunset, and sitting by the fire at night listening to nearby Berber nomads was one of the most magical experiences of our lives. This photo was taken as we rode our camels out into the desert for first time, led by our guide Abrahim. It is now almost 4 years later, and we have since been to Costa Rica, Fiji, Mexico, China, and Southeast Asia, but the Sahara pulls at our souls every day, calling us back. Tweet…

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