A perfect moment

Posted by Ted on Apr 7, 2009 in Biking

I’ve biked this route about 5 times now, between home and the nearest Home Depot. We’ve been here for about two months (three for Liz) and we’re getting towards the tail end of getting the house unpacked and ready to be lived in. Which is good timing, because as of this week, we’re both going to be more busy. This was her first week of acupuncture school and mine at a new job. We’ve been borrowing the car of a very gracious friend, but they needed it lately so we’ve been reduced to bikes, which hasn’t been too bad. The biggest pain in the butt has been trips to and from Home Despot.

Tonight however, I was rewarded.

There was a perfect moment as I left home and turned down 27th. It’s been stormy today, and the clouds were billowing, and they reflected a warm glow from the setting sun, just as a BART train on its elevated track zoomed by. I couldn’t help but smile, as every time I see it, I’m reminded of the monorail at Epcot (albeit much louder), and am just giddy at the fact that we live here now.

A half hour later I was biking home from the store with a small can of paint and some blue masking tape. I turned onto 9th, and was nearly struck by the overwhelming beauty of the city at night. There was a flow of red and yellow as cars rushed by on I-880, and the Oakland hills were sprinkled with lights. It felt like the first night on playa, walking down the esplanade, seeing the night city for the first time. A few minutes later, I saw a god effect of moonlight shining up behind some clouds, and as I stopped to take a picture, the moment was gone.

Just before home, I negotiated a complex intersection, and it was perfectly exectuted, as if myself and every car and pedestrian were a planned choreography. This also made me smile, as I realized the perfectly timed moment, where everything just falls into place, is exactly what I wanted to express when I got my last tattoo.


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