A roundabout way to the gym

Posted by Ted on May 22, 2010 in Biking

In two weeks I’ll be biking a century around Lake Tahoe again, this time with a partner in crime and a support crew of a number of our friends.


(Click image for full route map)

Having only done 45 miles during training thusfar, I was determined yesterday to up that number and so I combined not only the Tunnel/Skyline/Pinehurst and San Leandro Bay loops, but I added on a new spur out along the Lafayette-Moraga Regional Trail, coming in at just over 55 miles for the day. Predictably, the Oakland side of the hills were mostly cloudy, while the Moraga side was mostly sunny. While short, the trail wound through rolling hills and people’s backyards, birds flew overhead, and squirrels ran across the path.

The day before we’d had a hard workout at the gym and my legs were already sore when I headed out, but still I managed the 55 miles and could have done 20 more. On a better day, as I hope two weeks from now to be, I’m sure that the 100 miles will be hard but surmountable. When I reached the gym via my roundabout way, the hot tub was a much welcome reward, as the hot tub at our weekend vacation rental will surely be.

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