Alameda Creek

Posted by Ted on Sep 27, 2009 in Biking

Yesterday was a gorgeous day in the Bay Area, and it demanded a nice bike ride. Being in the 90s, I opted for the Alameda Creek Regional Trail in Fremont. It’s just north of the Dumbarton Bridge, connecting Coyote Hills Park on the bay, to Niles Canyon in the hills to the east.


It was an easy 24 miles along a small creek filled with birds of all kinds – herons, ducks, geese, crows, and hawks. There was a cool breeze off the bay, and the path was often lined with enough trees to block the sun. I passed by people having picnics, lovers and families dipping in the creek to stay cool, and more mobile homes than I’ve ever seen. Squirrels played Frogger in front of my bike. While otherwise flat, the trail goes under all roadways, so there are several opportunities for a quick burst of speed going down and up the other side. Finally, the last leg took me along the water where I could enjoy the late afternoon sun reflecting off the bay between the two bridges.


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