Posted by Ted on Jan 20, 2009 in Politics

History is a funny thing. It happens every day, every second, yet we are rarely aware of it.

Sometimes, one can feel history from an object. I remember being at the British Museum many years ago, and the Rosetta Stone was not cordoned off, it was sitting there in the middle of a room, and one could just touch it. I could feel the history within the rock, the etchings underneath my fingers.

There are moments when history itself is palpable, and does not need an object to represent it. Today is such a day.


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Jan 21, 2009 at 5:25 am

Indeed my brother…. I could not get video by the time I got to work it was so bogged down, but listened as best I could via net radio at work. Watched the speech after I got home, T and I got quite teary eyed :)This has been and will be a historic day for so many reasons. Tis sad that I have lived this long and never before felt this way about a president…..not to mention our country.

What makes me the most hopeful is that Obama is the first pres who actually understands and uses the vast potential of the the net. I believe he will completely change how democracy works using the net.