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Posted by Ted on Jan 30, 2010 in Technology, Vagabonding

pirates-of-the-caribbean-grouopSome of the original vagabonders were captains at sea who dared to sail between the shipping lanes, tacking between storms and Men-o-War. Rebelling against dependency and striking out on your own was a pirate’s reason for living. Perhaps their methods were suspect, but we can admire their decision to forsake the familiar shackles of society in favor of the freedom of the sea and exploring the world. Today’s adventure-seeker is much the same.

Swapping stories, providing tips, and offering encouragement, Twitter is where the new generation of explorers are sharing their wanderlust.

ONE WEEK LEFT OF WORK. Nope. Not excited.” noted one soon-to-be traveler the other today. Known as a hash tag, one conversation that I’ve been following lately has been #RTWsoon, “started” several weeks ago. Chris, the Aussie Nomad, said that “the #RTWsoon tag has been a great way to express our soon to be travel plans with others in the same boat. I have found support, tips and a laugh all by following and being a part of it.”

Read more about how Twitter is contributing to the growing counterculture of vagabonding in this week’s column!


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Chris - The Aussie Nomad
Jan 30, 2010 at 7:25 pm

Twitter really has been the biggest influence on my plans to travel the world. The travel blogger community that exists on twitter is in short amazing. So many great people brought together with the same goal, all sharing what they know.

The hashtag makes it even easier for others to join the community and open up to a world of possibilities.

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