One month to go

Posted by Ted on Aug 21, 2010 in Travel, Vagabonding

In just 30 days and 12 hours, we will be boarding Korean Air flight #24 out of San Francisco, bound for Bangkok, via Seoul. The past 10 days have been exceedingly busy. We have had a house-closing party, our first truly successful party in the Bay Area, with enough people from different circles meeting and enjoying each others’ company. We had a map of SE Asia up on the wall, which sparked several conversations with folks who had been to the area with suggestions on where to go.

We cleaned the house and packed up most of our clothes and valuables, moving them into a 5’x6′ storage unit a few miles away. Tetris skills came in very handy. However, the biggest challenge was simultaneously setting aside clothes for a month of couch-surfing, Burning Man, backpacking across SE Asia, and Christmas in New York.

On Wednesday, our three subletters from New Orleans arrived in two taxis, 15 minutes after we’d cleaned the last corner of the kitchen in preparation for their arrival. We took them out to our favorite local Ethiopian restaurant to welcome them to their new home. Afterwards, we gave them a tour of the house and an introduction to our cats, before handing them our keys and heading off to our first home-away-from-home.

Except it isn’t. We don’t have a home for the next 4 months. Our lease effectively ended, and doesn’t begin again until December. Our stuff and our cats are currently in someone else’s home. When we returned the next day to pick up some more of our things, it was a somewhat odd experience to first arrange a convenient time, and then to walk into a house with all of our things, and yet already see the ways in which the subletters had made it theirs. To be a visitor among one’s own possessions is a curious feeling.

For now we are house-sitting for some friends currently vacationing in Eastern Europe. Next week we go to Burning Man. The week after that we have no plans at all. Then we spend a week with some other friends. Then we leave, to begin the real adventure.

Stay tuned!

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