Photo Friday: Man in the Mist

Posted by Ted on Aug 26, 2011 in Burning Man, Photography

Here in the Bay Area, the usual pre Burning Man buzz is palpable as fabric stores stock up on and sell out of fake fur, and REI sells out of Camelbaks. Almost 20,000 burners have now registered themselves with a new Facebook app called BurnerMap which (may) allow people to find their friends on playa easier.

As an experiment in being more self-sufficient, my wife and I have been prepping for the last couple of weeks, making delicious worldly foods such as Moroccan tajine, Italian baked beans, and Chinese congee and filling up our freezer. New clothes have been either made or picked up at a thrift store, and LED lights have been acquired and tested in order to decorate our bikes, our RV, and ourselves. Tomorrow we do our shopping for perishables and hit the road, spending the night in Reno before heading up Highway 447 in what will surely be an endless caravan of vehicles. I’m already looking forward to Indian tacos.

This photo from 2005 is one of my favorite images of “The Man”, standing on top of a fun house, a light wind picking up some playa along the way.

(Related pictures of Burning Man 2005 can be found here.)

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