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I took two silks classes yesterday. I had almost let inertia and doubt get the better of me, but I remembered that the hardest thing is sometimes just getting out the door. so after being nudged over the edge by dilletante‘s excellent write-up of Friday’s classes, I packed a bag and headed over to CasaNia.

I’m always glad to have gone to silks. not only are there enthusiastic friends to hang out with, but Cypher and his assistants are always warm and friendly and welcoming.

I wasn’t up to or had the time or money for the “all weekend bonanza pass” of something like 7 or 8 classes. so I took just the two; fabric sling and aerial silks.

David does such excellent write-ups that I’ll just refer you there to see what we did.

it’s interesting to take part in something and to learn some new skill over time, and to see how one’s attitude and ability changes. for one thing, I’m noticing that I’m definitely breathing more. even if I’m doing something that I’m not sure that I can do, the panic is gone. I might have to get out of whatever it is, and I might feel frustrated for not being able to do it, but it feels for the most part like a lack of knowledge and muscle memory, and not a lack of ability or capability. and the breathing, taking things slower, concentrating.. being able to actually do a routine, and have enough of it down that you can concentrate on a specific thing, like keeping one’s legs out, back arched, or staring at your navel and down your leg to make sure that your body is in the right line.

for fabric sling, I was initially encouraged to join the beginners group because the requirement for the advanced group was 4 or more classes. I think I might have had 3 or 4, not sure. but soon after the groups broke up, I slid over to the advanced group, and I’m glad that I did. I continue to amaze myself with the sling work. I haven’t done jack all in two months, since the last set of classes that I took. I haven’t made it to Monday night practices or anything (and I get the sense practices tend not to be set up in the sling arrangement anyway). and despite not having had any practice, I felt like I could easily keep up with what was being taught. we worked on 3 or 4 dive maneouvers, including one that stumped frobzwiththingz and I last November.

I was a bit frustrated by the aerial silks class, though. this time I was encouraged to join the advanced group. however, the things being taught were enough beyond my knowledge and ability that I didn’t get as much out of that class as I would have liked. I’d glance over at the beginners class, and was still glad that I was in the advanced class pushing myself, rather than doing things I really have down already. but the first move involved mastery of the hip-key, which I think I’ve done only a couple of times, and certainly don’t have down. the rest of the class I did pretty well, which focused on wrist skills. however, the last routine there involved this body rotation that I just couldn’t get on my own, and it only occured to folks afterwards to have helped me with the rotation so I could have seen how it was done with my own body.

all in all though, it felt good. and while I’m glad that I worked and saw the final show of You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown, I was bummed to have missed the fabulous party that got shut down by the Fire Department, and the stilts and silks performance that FireflyDance was a part of.

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Apr 17, 2005 at 10:29 pm

I’m really glad you went. You need to be spending more time doing things that enrich and challenge you. It’s good for the soul, as well as the body. :) You need more balance than you’ve had lately. :)

Miss you. Silks continues to sound really cool.

Apr 18, 2005 at 4:42 pm

we don’t tend to set up a sling in our own practices, but might if there was enough call for it. (I wouldn’t mind practicing the basic mount myself, as i still don’t quite know my balance point.)

And the wrist skills will probably come up tonight- this weekend was the second time ever that I got myself into Angel In The Ropes, and need to do more reps.

We’re on for tonight (7-10 pm in JP) if you’re interested!