Skyline to Alameda

Posted by Ted on Feb 18, 2010 in Biking

I took advantage of the beautiful 68° day that we had on Tuesday to go on an afternoon bike ride.  Have I mentioned that I can now say that I love February?  Raised in Cleveland and then moving to Boston, it’s never been a particularly enjoyable month.  Here in the Bay Area, the magnolias and cherry blossoms are in bloom.


Tuesday’s destination was the Harbor Bay club where we pay more money than we would like to for what is a pretty awesome gym. Situated on the edge of Bay Farm Island, the swimming pool overlooks the bay, they have a lot of equipment, and great classes. However, the best part about the gym are the hot tubs, steam rooms, and showers. These are a great motivator. When we go to the gym normally, it’s our reward for working out. We make it a rule to not “just go use the spa” without doing some sort of exercise.

Since I’ve been applying that logic to bike riding, it has turned out to be a great destination. The ride home is easy and short enough that I can bike home after a long relaxing celebration of water. Adding this stop onto my Bay Farm Island ride is trivial. However, it’s in the opposite direction of Tunnel/Skyline, so I had to modify the route to combine the two.

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