100days – Day 26

Posted by Ted on Feb 21, 2010 in Photography

I’m now 26 days into my “100 days of photography” project, and there has been some great images since the last blog update on Day 14. I invite you to continue following along here, but if you would like to subscribe to the project itself, you can through its RSS feed. While I haven’t been uploading every day, it is more frequent than these summaries.

Last night I had the pleasure of attending NIMBY‘s benefit event, “DO IT FOR HAITI“. There were over a dozen different art installations, including this fire-breathing menagerie by the Museum of Unnatural Selection, and a fire-spinning neuron by the Flaming Lotus Girls. There was a man in a metal suit playing with a giant tesla coil, a life sized Mousetrap, and a 300 pound block of ice that shot multicolored fire. I love living in Oakland.
Last weekend was a triple whammy. Not only was it Valentine’s Day, but more importantly, it was the great San Francisco Pillow Fight. We caught this group walking down the Embarcadero on their way to the 6p thwap-off. Thankfully, our vantage point was from a hotel terrace a block away, where we would witness the madness in its entirety, without having to actually be in the middle of it. The thousands of flying pillows looked like white Mexican jumping beans.

It was also Chinese New Year, celebrating the Year of the Tiger. We had a small gathering on Saturday night, for which we shopped in Chinatown for dumplings, pineapple rolls, and sesame balls, as well as decorating the house. One of my favorite decorations turned out to be the lantern I’d purchased in Hong Kong back in 1999.

A quarter of a way into the project, and there has been so much to see and share. I look forward to the next 74 days!

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