a multicolored brigadoon..

Posted by Ted on Jul 9, 2005 in Burning Man

in the desert, the city rises up out of the dust. in the woods, the village coalesces out of the trees and the ground. it is a faerie world, of lights and sound and fire. of drumming and silk ribbons in the sky. and where a galaxy spun quietly in a field.

I went to Firefly last weekend, and oh my god was it a wonderful time..

I came back to work this week refreshed, replenished, and rejuvenated.

not only was it beautiful and a feast for the eyes and ears, but there were so many wonderful people to talk to, interact with, learn from, and share being there with. there was a guy who was mesmerizing with a hula hoop, and we learned some tricks from him.. there was a guy who had a gorgeous kanji tattoo of “Honor” on his shoulder, and so we talked about our tattoos, and phoenix mythology. there were the Rangers who I hung out with, as part of and after Ranger training; talking with Sanskrit on the porch, and a late night walk and lesson with Sidewinder.. accepting and giving gifts of food to everyone; feasting on pipeapple on the porch, walking around on Monday and offering Banana Bread to whomever was around, or sharing our dinner stew or curry lunch.. running up and giving Erika a hug, hanging out with the Silkworms, even though I wasn’t up to doing much this weekend (and letting them have the time to show new people who might not have the chance for weekly practice).. and sharing the weekend with Liz was all kinds of wonderful. it was our first time spending more than part of a weekend together, and it was really nice to just have some time where things weren’t feeling rushed, and we could do things together, or not, but not feel like there was a need to hurry, or that we’d miss out on time. we cooked, we walked, and we laid in a hammock.. we drummed, danced, and had amazing sex. after buying 24 gallons of water, some crackers, and some ice cream, we saw a double rainbow..

I came to some really powerful realizations this weekend, too.. like the fact that hey, sarongs are really damn comfortable.. or the fact that you know, I would probably make a pretty decent ranger, despite the fact that I sometimes get lost on trails or lose things. hell, being a ranger would probably help that.. or the fact that, hey! I can hula hoop! they are so different than the hoops I remember as a kid, cheap plastic with a ball that rolls around. no, hoops now are bigger and have a wonderful weight that you can learn to move around your body.. I learned more about rhythms, and how to dance with someone, letting their more complex rhythm exist outside of my simpler rhythm, and being able to sync them together..

there were so many wonderful moments.. like watching a crescent moon rise above the trees in the predawn light.. or watching the milky way spin overhead.. or simple rituals like climbing up the silk rig every day to see the horizon.. or having a morning cup of coffee with sweetened condensed milk..

and the lights, you remember the lights? by night this forest was lit by glowing purple mushrooms, or blue and green LEDs in mason jars.. even our tent was trimmed with blue EL wire so that we could find it in the dark.

and then there was the Burn. intimate, primal, hot, beautiful.. there was a shared energy in the air so powerful that we never went far from it.. we sat and watched the preshow of fire breathers and spinners, and then the bug burned brightly, sending ember fireflies up into the night sky.. and then the dancing started, and the dancing and the drums kept going.. people left, but many stayed, and sometimes it was quiet, and sometimes the energy built up again.. and the drums continued on into the night..