Mt. Tamalpais

Posted by Ted on Jul 3, 2009 in Biking

It’s another beautiful day here in sunny California, and what a better way to celebrate such a day off of work than with a 30 mile ride around Mt. Tam.

Shockingly, it was my first visit to Marin since we moved here in February – a testament to how busy we’ve been! The ride started off going through Mill Valley, which was simply gorgeous. A quick check shows two 700 sqft townhomes for $350k, so we won’t be moving there anytime soon. Then I essentially rode around Mt. Tamalpais State Park and Muir Woods National Monument. I find it amusing that Mt. Tam isn’t in its own state park. Part of the ride took me down Rt.1, the Shoreline Highway. Only here in California would a road thusly named have 400 ft of elevation. Then it was down and back up Muir Woods Rd, before the blissful downhill stretch back to Richardson Bay. One of the most striking things, besides the lush scenery, was another example of how weather here in the Bay Area is affected by water and mountains. On the bay side of Mt. Tam, it was clear blue sky – not a wisp of a cloud to be found. On the ocean side it was that familiar low grey ceiling of fog.

All-in-all, a great ride on a beautiful day.

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