Lake Tahoe

Posted by Ted on Jun 11, 2009 in Biking

It’s been a busy week at work, so I haven’t had the time to write about the awesome weekend we had in Lake Tahoe! We were there because I was participating in “America’s Most Beautiful Bicycle Ride”. I expect there are plenty of places where one could have the best ride, but it was indeed pretty awesome. My training consisted of maybe half a dozen rides up into and over the Oakland hills. That and the comfort in knowing that I have already done as much as 125 miles, so a century is totally doable. I’m glad that I’ve had some hill training, because there’s a big ascent at the beginning and at the very end. I didn’t have to walk my bike at any point, and I was nowhere near the last out of over 3000 riders.

While I wasn’t nervous about my ability, I was anxious about the weather. All week I’d been keeping an eye on the forecast, and even as late as Saturday night it was raining. However, Sunday came and it was beautiful. A brisk slightly foggy morning broke into a gorgeous mostly sunny afternoon. There were so many wonderful moments throughout the day. I looked across Emerald Bay as the morning sun rose across the Lake. I sped down hundreds of feet at 35 mph taking up an entire lane of fresh smooth blacktop.

I rode down a bike path snaking next to the Truckee River in both directions, fully enjoying being able to ride sitting up without hands, which always makes me feel like I’m on a horse. I stopped beside the babbling brook for a few moments, looking across to moss-covered trees. I biked past azure coves in the deep blue lake, framed by snow-capped peaks. For a few magical moments, maybe 15 seconds, I was flying beside a hawk. Chipmunks scurried, birds chirped, and bicycle teams chattered. And at the very top of Spooner Junction, the last big hill before an almost 800 foot drop in elevation, there was my love smiling at me beside the road. I stopped and we embraced and shared in the pride and beauty of the day.

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