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Posted by Ted on Oct 31, 2008 in Politics

Tomorrow and possibly Sunday, I will be going up to NH to participate in a Get Out The Vote initiative for Barack Obama.

I’ve never canvassed or done anything beyond donating for any political endeavor before, and I’ve been wavering thusfar on whether to get more involved. It’s now down to the wire, and while I feel hopeful, and even fairly confident, that Obama will win, I want to do more. Despite the fact that they voted for Kerry in 2004, NH is still considered a swing state having voted Republican more often than not over the last 150 years.

I have no idea what it will be like, or whom I will meet, but I firmly believe that this election is important. While I don’t understand those 43% who back McCain/Palin, I will encourage everyone to get out and vote, no matter whom they support.

I want to be able to look back and remember this time, and feel that I had a hand, albeit a very small one, in making history, and taking ownership of my government. The United States is one of only 25 functioning democracies in the world, and I think that we often take that for granted. 121 million people voted in the 2004 election, out of a voting population of about 228 million, or 53%. This election is shaping up to break records, and I want to help make that happen. I will be canvassing tomorrow, and filing an absentee ballot on my birthday on Monday.

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Posted by Ted on Jun 20, 2004 in Activities

what could have been a better day for a ride?

jencallisto and I went riding out to Mount Monadnock and back today, and it was gorgeous!

we went out 2 and then up 225 through Lexington Center, and into Carlisle, where we stopped at a little roadside market to rest, and picked up some fresh blueberries and freshly-made fudge.. sadly, her spiffy glasses decided to make a break for it and got run over by a truck :( but they actually managed to bend back reasonably well and the lenses weren’t too scratched.. try that with frail modern glasses :)

so then continuing down 225, and an interesting detour around Forge Village past some impressively tall trees, and up 119 and over to 124 in New Hampshire.. we then stopped in Jaffrey at Kimball Farm. they were mobbed! everyone was out :) we sat at a table with another couple of bikers, waiting the 45 minutes for our fried seafood platter to be ready.. it was just gorgeous out, so the wait wasn’t too bad :) besides, we got to see two flybys of a small prop plane (hmm, must ping frotz again :) and a Hondapotamus, Tricycle Edition.. then, of course, ice cream! and my god, a single of their scoops is about the size of two and a half Cambridge scoops. we got mocha almond and vanilla cherry chip :)

after ice cream, we rode down 124 a few minutes, and then up the Monadnock access road. Whee! twisty windy trees!

then we headed home, taking 119 pretty much all the way to the Concord Rotary.. mostly because it was the faster way back, but we did get to ride through Willard Brook State Forest :)

and then the rest of the evening has been hanging out on the porch with cthulhia and watching last week’s SFU. (fuckin’ woof.)

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