Street Food: Tacos Alonzo, Oakland, CA

Posted by Ted on May 7, 2011 in Street Food

It had to be the first. My favorite. The second closest taco truck to home, but closest to my heart. Their crispy carnitas tacos are perfect. To be honest, the only other variety I have tried is the asada, and while good, their true genius is in the pork.

You see, tacos are a nigh-perfect food. A bit of carbs represented by the small corn tortillas, a bit of protein in the tasty meat, and a bit of vegetables, all for $1.25. Cheaper than McDonalds, and a hell of a lot tastier.

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Like all local trucks, they have a selection of meats, including not only pork and beef, but tongue, head, chicken, and tripe. Each truck also serves pickled vegetables to go with the tacos or burritos, and Alonzo’s mix includes radish, carrot, onions, and jalepeno peppers. As a topping for your taco, you can get red or green sauce. I always go verde. Another advantage this truck has over many is a crappy, rickety table – most times you must either try to hold your plate in your one hand while eating with the other.

Pasted to the side of the truck was an advertisement for “The First Annual Oakland Battle of the Taco Trucks“. If there were a food event that I couldn’t resist, this is it. Conveniently enough, it starts in just 2 hours and I already have my tickets. You can bet that the second installment of Street Food will showcase this definitively Oakland taco battle extravaganza.

Name Tacos Alonzo
Cuisine Mexican
Location [geo_mashup_map height=”200″ width=”200″ zoom=”10″]
27th and Foothill, Oakland, CA
Price $1 – $6
Rating 9
Pros Best carnitas, pickled onions, table
Cons No fish
Hours All day, late-ish
Happy Rating


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