The farce of New Years Eve

Posted by Ted on Dec 31, 2009 in Events, Vagabonding

jgriffinstewart, via Flickr

In many first world countries, tonight will be celebrated with parties, drinking, and the inevitable shouting in unison of “..5!..4!..3!..2!..1!..HAPPY NEW YEAR!” Some will find themselves in public plazas with hundreds or thousands of revelers like those in Times Square, some will be at all-night clubs, and some may celebrate with smaller groups of friends, perhaps sitting around a TV and watching Dick Clark for the 38th time.

While I myself will be joining the party at a gathering of friends nearby, drinking copious amounts of alcohol, I’m also aware that there are quieter ways to ring in the new year. This week’s Vagabonding column tells how this need to celebrate midnight is all the fault of the Scottish, for which I am ⅛th myself, and gives at least one example of something more serene.

May the next decade bring joy, love, and fulfillment to everyone.

Happy New Year!


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