Today’s ride beat me

Posted by Ted on May 31, 2009 in Biking

As I’ve opted to do a 70+ mile ride around Lake Tahoe next weekend, I was determined to get in a longer ride than my current area record.

I managed 45 miles. Not only did I walk up parts of several hills and stop dozens of times to catch my breath, but I cheated on the way home, and took the Bart from Lafayette to Berkeley, going under the ridge instead of over it. On our side of the hills, it was cloudy. On the Contra Costa side, it was beautiful and sunny. At one point while on the far side of Briones Reservoir, I could see across to the fog rolling over the hills and then dissipating.

It was a beautiful ride, especially through Tilden Park, along the San Pablo Reservoir, and through the Pinole Creek valley, surrounded by golden hills. I made a hard climb past Briones Park, where doctordidj and I went hiking a couple of months ago, and bailed at the Lafayette Bart, unable to imagine going over the ridge again. I did avoid the temptation to take it all the way to Fruitvale, and instead got out in Berkeley and rode home the rest of the way.

I know that I can do twice the distance on a supported ride than I can do alone, so I’m not worried about next week. I’m looking forward to the ride, and seeing Lake Tahoe, and relaxing in a hot tub afterwards.

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Jun 1, 2009 at 7:55 am

Sounds like a lovely, if exhausting, ride. You’re a better man than I gunga din!

Jun 2, 2009 at 2:44 am

Hey, go you! That’s huge!

I can’t wait to hear about the finish line and the hot tub.