Haiti – A map of Jacmel

Posted by Ted on Apr 5, 2010 in Causes, Technology, Travel

Last night I discovered that Google Maps updated its satellite data of Haiti after the earthquake, including Jacmel where I worked for two weeks, clearing rubble from two schools. This map will serve to complete the travelogue, along with the posts here and the photo gallery.  Clicking on the map should take you to the interactive map which will allow you to zoom in for more detail.

A map of Jacmel, showing some of the places I visited

A map of Jacmel, showing some of the places I visited

It is my hope that it will not only give geographical context to my writings and images, but that it may help future relief workers bound for Jacmel get their bearings. If you are in or recently returned from Jacmel, and would like to add data to this map, please let me know.

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