Photo Friday: A New Beginning

Posted by Ted on Jan 6, 2012 in Burning Man, Photography

2012 is all about new beginnings and our craziest adventure yet; parenthood.

If you follow my work, you know that I love sunsets. Who doesn’t? But what I find even more special are sunrises. Not being a morning person, I see a lot fewer of the sun emerging out of night than I do of night overtaking the day.

The photo below was taken at 5:30 on a June morning in 2006, on the Atlantic shore of Rockport, Maine, boats gently pitching with light waves.

Maine Morning

I had been in Rockport taking an intensive week-long photography course at the Maine Workshops. That inspiring week was a turning point in my photography career. It was that week that I went from a default of ‘auto’ to ‘manual’, and I started to see shapes and colors and macro photography in new ways. One of many¬†transformative¬†experiences in my life.

Quite a few of those experiences have happened at or because of Burning Man. It is a place of strange and wonderful beauty, and which gives one innumerable chances to explore their personal boundaries. Many years, the only sunrises I see are at Burning Man. Below is a photo of my playa-covered Doc Martens, taken a few months later than the Maine picture, as my Lily and I are lounging in a cupcake out by the trash fence.

Playa Sunrise

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something happened today..

Posted by Ted on Jun 17, 2006 in Outdoors, Photography

I’ve had two of the most profound and spiritual experiences of my life, both in one day.

A Southern wind blows, strong and slightly cool. water laps around me, a constant but varied rhythm. grass grows through a crack in the rock to touch the water. rocky tree-strewn hills march across the far bank, and a forest island with a house perched on it lays in the lake, and sun reflects through the water off of a granite floor.

after a time of contemplation, I jumped into the water, and swam with the choppy waves. I felt free. invigorated. alive. then I walked back to my car, and simply sat on the trunk, bathing in the warm afternoon sun, watching dragonflies overhead, and hearing birds singing to each other.

then, after a tasty meal, I watched the most beautiful sunset that I have ever seen.

A bold sun sits within whispy white clouds atop a tangerine horizon, reflecting in a lake dotted with islands, the sky a pale blue.

I cried, with tears of beauty and peace.

this week, much like Burning Man, has left me transformed. I am seeing the beauty of life differently.

I have watched the sun rise and set today.

I feel changed. I do not yet know exactly how.



morning comes early in Maine..

Posted by Ted on Jun 12, 2006 in Photography

after a beautiful drive yesterday, I finally ended up in Rockport, ME for a week-long intensive photography workshop.

last night I sat across from Arno Minkkinen at dinner, and he’s giving a slide show and lecture on Wednesday.

classes this week will be intense; up at 7a or before to take pictures before breakfast at 8, and then class begins at 9a. then onsite through lunch, then offsite for the afternoon, and back for dinner and lectures, and then homework before trying to go to bed before midnight.

got to show my portfolio to the class today, and it felt good to have the instructor say, “what you’ve got is really good.” in reference to my work thusfar. this week however, I need to push myself in unfamiliar or uncomfortable directions; namely playing up close with narrow depths of field (which I’ve been branching into lately, being inspired by Liz’s developing eye), and the most fearful of all, people. if I don’t have a willing victim that I know, I find the idea of approaching random strangers intimidating. this week will be the time to push that envelope of comfort.

one of the interesting things about The Workshops is their philosophy, and in particular that of the founder, David Lyman, who speaks about the catalytic experience of being here with the same fervor and rhetoric that Larry Harvey might about Burning Man.

for now though, back to class..

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