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On Park Street in Alameda, between a nail salon and a gift shop is an unassuming open door. Stairs lead up to a small landing with 6 chairs and a tasteful Ikebana, an arrangement of fresh-cut flowers below a painting, meant to calm and focus the mind. Despite the fact that their stated hours are open until 9:30p, they turned their sign around to closed right after we showed up at about 7p. We waited patiently outside for an hour and a half as the three couples ahead of us slowly replaced those leaving. Yume doesn’t take reservations, and they don’t seat parties of more than 2 people, with good reason.

Dining here is an intimate experience. A sushi bar with just 8 seats, there could be no room for larger parties. Sushi master Hideki Aomizu stands behind the bar. and with exquisite skill, takes diners on a tailored gastronomic ride. He smiles as he says “I have just the thing for you”. His wife, Yoriko, makes sure that people have tea and sake, and takes any orders bound for the kitchen. The quality of the fish is excellent, and the cuts are generous. Real crabmeat and fresh-ground wasabi are but two of the touches that make this restaurant a place where one can easily become a regular. Just be sure to get there early.

Yume Sushi
1428 Park Ave. Alameda, CA 94501
Hours Wed – Sat 5PM – 9:30PM
Closed Sun & Mon & Tue

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so there I was..

Posted by Ted on Nov 20, 2006 in Memories, Travel

so there I was, first time across the Pacific, I land in Narita and head to Shinjuku to my hotel. I arrive there around 7ish, and decide to chuck my bags and go for a walk. I end up at this random sushi joint. small place, 4 tables and a bar. where I sit, nod to the chef, ask for tea, some hamachi, and whatever else is good that night. these two straight-laced japanese business men chat me up, and we muddle through my japanese and their english. they buy me rounds of fugu-fin sake and buy me fish. then they ask if I’d like to come with them to the next bar.

I start to protest, but then I decide that what the hell? these two guys look totally harmless, how bad could it be? and of course, that can get you killed in some places, but I decided to take my chances.

turned out to be a karaoke bar, and they wanted me to sing.

I did some Beatles tune, and another or two, and then left and laughed my way home to the hotel.

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Drinking sake in an Irish bar, surrounded by posters of Che Guevara

Posted by Ted on Mar 20, 2006 in Travel

So I’m finally back from spending a week in San Francisco.

Here’s a pretty accurate rundown on what we did;

  • Friday
    We left midday, with lunch at the Johnny Rockets in Terminal C. After a treat of Firefly on SciFi (all hail Jet Blue), we were picked up by D & Y in San Jose, and then went shopping, arriving back at D’s for a late frozen pizza dinner.

  • Saturday
    Did yoga in the morning, which was the only time I managed all week. Then went to Oakland Airport to pick up the car, then see Y’s soon-to-be-ex-place, and then drive down to Monterey. Along the way, we stopped by the Winchester Mystery House, saw snow, and walked the Santa Cruz Boardwalk. Afterwards, we ate dinner, and then while waiting to get into a hot tub place, we happened upon an Irish bar that served sake, and had Che Guevera posters about. That was probably the epitome of California right there.

  • Sunday
    We started the day at the Butterfly Preserve, and then took in the 17-mile drive in the rain, having lunch at one of the Pebble Beach restaurants. Afterwards, we got taffy and went to the Aquarium. Then a mexican dinner in Santa Cruz with a pitcher of Margarita before coming back to Oakland.

  • Monday
    After a bit of a slow start, we went to Muir Woods. Unfortunately no going out to the Death Guild 13th Anniversary, and instead stayed in and watched Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou. It wasn’t a bad movie, but I don’t think it was worth the hype.

  • Tuesday
    Spending the day in town, we went to the SFMoMA, had lunch with Y, and then went to the Conservatory of Flowers. escaping the rain at a coffee shop, and then catching the sunset at Ocean Beach. Then we made our way to Zushi Puzzle for dinner, waiting to sit at the bar, and enjoying some of the best sushi ever. period.

  • Wednesday
    Spent much of the day out on a photoshoot with D, where we ended up at the Oakland docks watching cargo ships come in, and then up into the Berkeley hills, and back down. After finishing some shopping, came back and made dinner of Salmon, Asparagus, and Rice Pilaf for D & Y, and then watching Batman Begins instead of going to a local PsyTrance night. BB was a much better movie experience.

  • Thursday
    We drove up to Harbin Hot Springs via Napa Valley, tasting wine along the way. When we got to Harbin, we soaked in the pool, made a somewhat contraband dinner, and then enjoyed freeform dancing before calling it a night.

  • Friday
    We had breakfast on the porch, followed by the hot pool, massages, and back into the pool. Then we went on a short hike, and drove back through Napa tasting our way back South. Sadly, was not able to have dinner with Uri, so met up with Erika and had Chinese around the corner from her place, and back to Oakland to watch the first half of the Aviator. Howard Hughes was clearly a genius, but also very disturbed.

  • Saturday
    After another slow start, dropped off the car, and then packed up sandwiches and we all went to Golden Gate Park, where we saw a gathering of drummers, rode on the carousel, passed by the Anarchist Book Fair, walked through the Botanical Gardens and the Japanese Tea Garden, having some tea, and then catching a bus to the beach, just missing the sunset but still enjoying the afterglow. Then we walked back to the car, stopping for pizza along the way, and then drove up Twin Peaks to look at the city at night. Afterwards, we played Apples to Apples until we got to the point of choosing randomly.

  • Sunday
    A gorgeous day, just as we’re getting ready to leave. We packed Y’s car, had a fabulous waffle brunch at Jesse’s, and then drove down US1 to Half Moon Bay, and walked down Main St looking at all of the galleries. Then continuing on, stopping to watch Kite Surfers and the last sunset over the Pacific before heading back to San Jose.

  • Monday
    After a very quick flight (20 minutes early, flying at least 694 miles per hour at one point), we had a rude welcoming home in the form of a $32 cab ride back to Central Square.

Because I’m too tired now to put this into any better form, some other random points about the week;

  • Packed a little too much, mostly in terms of warm clothing. But how could we know they were having their equivalent of a winter storm? The only thing I regret forgetting about was that I’d packed a couple of robes, that I probably would have used had I thought about them. I did at least read a few pages of my book, which is better than some trips.
  • Cleaning house before I left, and more importantly, coming home to a clean house, is a wonderful thing.
  • We went over budget, by a fair bit, but we did track our expenses pretty closely, and know exactly where it was spent. Part of where we did save some money was on eating most of our meals out of the supermarket, making the specific things we went overbudget on more conscious and appreciated.
  • I only did yoga once, but we did plenty of walking, and I did at least a few pullups every day
  • I learned how to stand on my head!
  • I also learned a new way to dance
  • Photoshoots are fun!
  • Hanging out and staying with D&Y was great!
  • I love Liz a whole lot.

and now I need to look at starting my job search.

I’ve never before understood so clearly the time vs money problem.

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