Photo Friday: Paletas in Tulum

Posted by Ted on Mar 23, 2012 in Food & Drinks, Photography, Travel

My wife and I recently went to Tulum, Mexico for our babymoon vacation. We stayed at a lovely little guesthouse, el Mestizo, at the end of the beach road near the entrance to theĀ Sian Ka’an biosphere. Our 2nd-story cabana overlooked an azure sea, with the sounds of crashing waves a constant comfort. Barefoot, we would walk down the beach for breakfast or lunch.

We swam in 6 cenotes (4 cavern, 1 open, 1 semi-open), saw 2 ruins (Tulum, Ek’ Balam), and snorkeled with sea turtles.

However, the best thing may have been this shop selling all manner of tasty frozen fruit pops, called paletas.

Paletas in Tulum

Paletas in Tulum

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