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Costa Rica
Burning Man
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Exotic travel is my passion.

As the modern world becomes ever more complex, people are yearning for a deeper connection when they travel. Interacting with other cultures expands our minds and opens doors to understanding not only our differences, but our similarities. Instead of just tourists, we become ambassadors of peace and goodwill, bringing the world closer together, one conversation at a time.

Coming from a background in fast-paced technology, I know that many people work long hours for just a few precious weeks of vacation per year.

It's important to make those weeks count.

I'm not a typical travel agent that books you some flights and wishes you a "Bon Voyage" on your vacation. Working collaboratively, I offer a range of pre-trip and during-trip services that enable you to experience new places and connect with unique cultures.

In my own travels, I have camped in the Sahara desert of Morocco, dived among the rainbow reefs of Fiji, watched a solar eclipse on a small island off the coast of China, and cleared rubble from schools in Haiti.

I have zip-lined over the rainforest canopy in Costa Rica, sailed on a pirate ship in Japan, and have been to Burning Man seven times. I've just returned from a three-month trip throughout Southeast Asia.

Let me help you explore the world in a deep and meaningful way.

What is your dream vacation?

Ready to travel "outside The Package?"   For more information, please contact me at info@thepocketexplorer.com or by phone at (415) 763-TRVL so that we can start planning your next adventure!

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