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Have you ever wanted a personal guide while traveling, someone who knows how to get the lay of the land and negotiate the unexpected?

Does the idea of minimal planning and just "winging it" excite you, but you'd feel more comfortable with a knowledgeable companion?

In addition to pre-trip research and booking services, I also offer the option of being your resident adventurer, comfortable in both familiar and unknown locations, with the experience to navigate complex situations.

Breathtaking beauty and warm people can be found throughout the world, but traveling through remote areas such as the Sahara desert or the steppes of Tibet can be challenging in ways that a trip to Paris, Tokyo, or Sydney are not.

Despite their enriching uniqueness, third-world countries such as Ethiopia, Bangladesh, and Vietnam can be intimidating without many of the luxuries that we take for granted. Political unrest in places such as Thailand, Lithuania, and Mali can scare away tourists, yet that can work to one's advantage in terms of crowds and favorable exchange rates. It is possible to travel to all of these places in relative safety, and to come away feeling a sense of having been someplace off the beaten path.

Destinations like these are exciting and rewarding, but you might feel more comfortable with an explorer in your pocket.

Lets curate your perfect trip

Ready to travel "outside The Package?"   For more information, please contact me at info@thepocketexplorer.com or by phone at (415) 763-TRVL so that we can start planning your next adventure!

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