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Costa Rica
Burning Man
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Have you been someplace or done something truly unique and wanted quality pictures of the experience, but weren't a good enough photographer?

Have you been on a trip where you forgot your camera in the hotel and missed the shot of a lifetime?

Perhaps you hate carrying around a camera and being trapped behind its lens because it takes away from your own enjoyment of the moment?

Besides being a Travel Guru, I am an accomplished photographer who can document your adventure in great detail so that you will be able to share some of the treasures you encountered with loved ones back home.

With me in your traveling party, you can feel free to explore and interact with the world without the stress of carrying around camera gear or interrupting conversations in order to take pictures. I will take both panoramic images that capture the beauty of the places, as well as posed and candid images of you and your traveling companions.

After the trip, you will be provided with all of the images on DVD, customized slideshows, and/or prints.

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Ready to travel "outside The Package?"   For more information, please contact me at info@thepocketexplorer.com or by phone at (415) 763-TRVL so that we can start planning your next adventure!

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