Meet, Plan, Go! Nationwide Event – Oct 16, 2012

Posted by Ted on Oct 11, 2012 in Events, Travel, Vagabonding

Mention the words ‘career break’ to someone, and there’s a number of thoughts they might have, depending on whether their break was intentional or not.

Regardless of the reason that one might find themselves in a break in their career, such breaks can be used for people taking time out of their career for personal and/or professional development.

That’s just what the organizers of Meet, Plan, Go! strive to inspire by getting as many people as possible involved in conversation about the benefits of taking a career break in order to travel the world. Confidence, problem solving skills, and expanding one’s cultural understanding are just to name a few.

Many might find the idea daunting – of leaving a perfectly good job, or ceasing the looking for one if unemployed – in order to gallivant across the world. However, while it should be a serious endeavor, there’s no reason for it to be scary, and that’s what they try to show through the giving of information on their website, and through their ‘Nationwide Event‘, happening on Oct 16, 2012, at 10 cities across the country;

Austin | Boston | Chicago | Minneapolis | New York City | San Diego
San Francisco | Seattle | South Florida | Toronto

This will be their third event, and it’s likely to be the best yet. A new format will make the sessions even more interactive, and exciting keynote speakers set the inspirational tone of the evening. I attended the first National Event a mere week before Liz and I left for our Southeast Asian Adventure. As one of several ‘Ambassadors’ sprinkled among the crowd, I helped answer questions about the logistics of travel, and shared my own unique story.

Two years later, I’m excited and honored to return as a featured panelist for the San Francisco event, sharing the stage with Kelly Wetherington and Francis Tapon as we talk about our different experiences with career breaks and travel.

Come Meet with us on Oct 16 in SF, or in one of the other 9 cities, to find out how you can Plan your big trip, and GO!

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